Budget Planning & Spend Management

Whether you’re a global business with thousands of siloed spreadsheets or a highly agile team that needs complete budget clarity when plans change, Q:be creates calm amidst the chaos. Here are just a few of the solutions points we deliver, please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Global solutions
We have a central marketing team, but we also rely heavily on our global field teams. As a result, accurate and timely reporting is a real issue, particularly when plans are siloed into Excel spreadsheets. Can you help?
Q:be was built to make collaboration easier. Through a single dashboard, you can create and share budget plans with your teams in real-time. As plans get costed, those holding the purse strings are notified and their approval is logged. Q:be even integrates with Salesforce, syncing your campaign's progress with your budget every 30 minutes.
Automated reporting
Reporting takes up a lot of man hours, plus our spreadsheets are out of date almost as soon as they’re published. Can we automate this?
Yes! Q:be connects all of your budget data for real-time, automated reporting. We can even automate accrual reporting and adjust your month-end for different time zones.
Budget control
We struggle to link corporate spending with our plans, how can we ensure our teams don’t go over budget?
Overspending is a worry you don't need. With Q:be, approved plans become your budget and any purchase commitments are assigned to them. You can host multiple plans under a parent budget and assign vendors to work across multiple campaigns. Your teams are warned before making a commitment that's out of scope, taking the guesswork out of maximising your budget.
Responsive receipting
Raising POs takes far too long and is holding us back from being responsive. Can you speed this process up for us?
Definitely! In Q:be, purchase commitments (which require a purchase order) are raised through an intuitive form. It's linked to your budget, captures marketing metrics, allows for the selection of approved vendors and automates financial coding. Receipting is handled via a claim form, which automatically limits how much your teams can spend.
Budget tracking
We struggle to track and analyse changes during the budget year. Typically, some teams overspend and others don’t maximise their budget. How can we keep everyone on track?
Keeping track of multiple budgets is a time sink for you - but it's what Q:be was made for. When you need to make a change to your costs or schedule, simply create an update and rationale. With the Snapshots feature, all scheduled or ad hoc revisions are saved, with reporting showing what was changed and why.
Performance analytics
Can you make it easier for us to capture proof of performance? We’d love to have meaningful data to draw upon when planning for the year ahead.
Of course! With Q:be, planned value, spend commitments and receipts are tracked and reported on in real time.

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