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Be at the start of a good plan

Q:chi feature explored: Planning

Be at the start of a good plan

In our last newsletter we explored the Calendar and how it helps CMOs to stay in control at work. Today we will introduce the litany of benefits a great strategy ensures. We hope to help you realise the potential of our supportive software.

What would you do with more free time in your working day?

Sometimes too many good ideas cloud the room. While your team may be projecting the same concepts, louder voices drown others out and a cohesive objective is harder to reach.

Many unique perspectives offer both benefits and pitfalls. A talented team still needs a framework to thrive. The Planning Q:chi tool transforms great contributions into action. Watch your project evolve from a draft into fully-costed tasks, through a shared platform. The Planning Q:chi brings team members together without the hassle.

The Planning Q:chi tool enables your team to request approvals as they progress. Like so many of our modules, Planning Q:chi takes care of the administrative chores that can take over your day, allowing you to focus on the big ideas.

Ultimately, the first draft of a plan is essential. A strong starting point makes all the difference. The Planning Q:chi tool enables you to easily manage which team members are allocated to a project. Plus budgetary limits are preset through spending thresholds that are just as effortless to adjust.

Your team will feel happier too. Struggling to feel heard does not amount to a productive work environment. By establishing clarity in your expectations from each individual early: your position as a team leader is clear and so are the other roles in the team.

Lose the confusion of budgetary mishaps and workplace grumblings. There is little room for complaint with an easy-to-access shared platform. Everyone is able to prioritise the important stuff. The elements of the job that excite them most and produce the highest quality output. Without the hassle of a disconnected team, you are free to prioritise the details.

A great plan begins and ends with clarity of communication. With Planning Q:chi, you know exactly who's doing what, what you have spent and what's coming next - and everyone can work towards the same goals.

Published: 31st October 2022

Last Edited: 17th January 2024

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