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Meet the team: Stella Muwonge - Test and Support Analyst

Excellent communication skills are principles of success in Stella’s role as Software Test and Support Analyst. Stella has provided unique insight, analysis and technical support at Q:chi for the last three and a half years.

Meet the team: Stella Muwonge - Test and Support Analyst

Quality assurance is fundamental to meeting the expectations of our clients and end-users. As a quality assurance specialist, Stella ensures the standards of our projects are never compromised. Stella possesses a keen eye for detail and quality assurance. That's why our clients trust her!

As an experienced Software Test and Support Analyst, Stella plays a critical role in software development at Q:chi. As one of the members of our team responsible for delivering our software solutions to a high quality and error free, her role requires a strong technical background, as well as expertise in programming languages, databases, and software testing methodologies. A requirement of Stella's role is not only technical support but also analysis of any technical issues. Stella never fails to provide effective solutions in a forthright and concise manner.

Stella began her career in the customer service industry, which helped her cultivate great communication and teamwork skills. She cites one of the best parts of working Q:chi, as being part of a great team, one in which every member's ideas are uplifted and of value. The technology sector first appealed to Stella on the basis it was a fast evolving sector. Much like Stella's role at Q:chi, software as an industry presents ample opportunities for development.

Stella's choice to study software engineering came from pure fascination with the topic. Switching from an Undergraduate Degree in Accounting to a Masters (Conversion Degree) in Computer Science. Stella's passion for technology originated in her perception of our industry as both challenging and hands-on. As well as its applicability to help people; one fond memory of Stella's time at university is the development of a language processor, catering to the hearing impaired.

Although the disparity in gender representation within our industry should be closing, Stella has faced gender based blockades in the past. In Stella's first role in IT, face to face support was made challenging due to the negation of her skills. Stella felt male colleagues would underestimate her skillset and reluctantly accept her assistance. Women in software development are essential for creating a diverse and inclusive working environment. Q:chi as an organisation prides itself on providing equal opportunity for all our team members regardless of gender. We have found collaborative working environments function best.

Overall, Stella has provided innovative software solutions, and played a crucial role in the success of our team. Stella is a tremendous asset to our team, and our quality output would not be the same without her eye for detail!

In her free time Stella enjoys time with friends and family. However, she prides herself on focusing on self development, including learning new coding languages and exploring short course opportunities, meaning she is an asset to our organisation, even in her spare time!

Published: 7th June 2023

Last Edited: 17th January 2024

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