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Meet the team: George Bowditch - Project Manager

In this profile, we introduce George Bowditch, Project Manager at Q:chi, who has been part of the team now for three years.

Meet the team: George Bowditch - Project Manager

He originally joined us as a Graduate Project Manager, where he supported projects for existing clients and then moved into his current role, using his previous experience of support and analytics, as well as the experience built supporting project management activities to develop in the new role.

About his role, George says: “I play a crucial role in bridging the gap between clients and the solution development team. By effectively managing requirements, facilitating Agile practices, and ensuring effective communication, I contribute to successful project delivery while meeting client expectations.”

As an accomplished project manager, George has a wealth of experience that has been invaluable to the delivery of complex projects for Q:chi. George has a proven track record of continuous development within his professional life, with a diverse range of experience that has positively defined his career trajectory. Throughout his career, George has effectively led many cross-functional teams, by fostering communication, collaboration and transparency amongst team members. He has a knack for astutely maintaining project momentum whilst aligning resources with company objectives.

George possesses a rare ability to translate complex software concepts into actionable insights. This is vital within the fast-paced realm of the technology industry. A strategic mindset and versatile, results-oriented project management style is at the core of George's leadership and since he joined Q:chi this has been further nurtured by a company culture that refines expertise to the advantage of our organisation. The rapidly evolving tech landscape requires adaptability and flexibility. George has consistently demonstrated an individual drive for professional evolution.

Our organisation thrives through the exchange of knowledge and expertise. As a project manager, George is at the heart of interdisciplinary collaboration. Effective project management relies on synergy amongst team members. Particularly in the interest of keeping our product relevant to our clients' needs in an industry which is constantly transforming. George works closely with our senior management team, continuing to enhance our product to its greatest potential. Examples include: product road-mapping the integration of A.I. and the extension of Q:chi's task planning and scheduling features. He is always keen to encourage a culture of ongoing enhancement through retrospectives and implementing lessons learned.

Throughout his time at Q:chi George has honed his project management skills and impactfully shaped our technical efficiency, through his human-led approach to collaboration. Outside of work, George is also a team player, as he enjoys rugby and the team morale that comes with it. George keeps a fast pace in his free time too, through his active lifestyle, taking any opportunity to connect with nature through skiing, hiking and wild camping -often accompanied by his equally enthusiastic Labrador, Bongo!

Published: 25th July 2023

Last Edited: 25th July 2023

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