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Be capable of the results you want

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Be capable of the results you want

“Marketing today is driven by data-backed research and customer information that can be captured at every stage in the buying process. We don't need to guess what people want; we just need to know where to look.” - Michael Brenner, Contributor for Marketing Insider Group.

At the end of a project or quarter, there are always unanswered questions. Which parts of your investments were worth their weight in gold? Between staying on track with your spending and communicating with colleagues, the most pivotal reflections are often lost in the flurry of preparation for the next phase. And with ‘test and learn' still being at the forefront of marketing, it's vital that we can be clear on what's working and what isn't so we can refine our future activities.

The figures on a spreadsheet, behind what can seem like a million different services, do not instil their value to your business. It is key to utilise this information to refine your next project. Taking into account the proven benefits of efficient analytics reflecting the successful parts of your campaign.

Studies by ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, show a staggering 74% of marketers cannot provide a cost equation of their contributions. But more importantly the impact their contributions had financially on their business. This is not a reflection of the passion and ingenuity required to formulate a successful campaign. It just highlights the disconnect between software, finance and the needs of marketers. Software should represent an ease for individual needs. Results Q:chi focuses on balance for your business. A melding of technology and creativity. Learn which risks in your projects paid off.

Imagine a scenario in which an important product launch is fast approaching. While you have estimated the cost, the promise of this event means a lot to your business. Unforeseen costs are a source of anxiety. The planning has laid out what you intended to do. But you lack a competent reflection of the logistics behind the process. An accurate record of your spending is vital. It reveals which elements were cost effective versus regrettable. No matter the amount of detail behind your planning, there is always room for restructuring. It is important to make use of all your tools. Results Q:chi offers a concise record of your plan, connected to the results and lessons. Most importantly, all in one place.

We must make strategic use of all our resources. Particularly within an industry that relies on both creative and technical innovation. It is what gives a business the capacity to evolve at a competitive rate. This can become a sustainable advantage with the tools. Q:chi keeps up with the pace of your projects. In order to gain an edge over your competitors, you must realise the risk of being left behind. Technology is an industry of constant progression - and marketing needs to be too.

The power of software has gone from a potential strategic advantage to a solid database. One that compiles all your biggest successes. Now you can rely on data to substantiate your unique professional instincts. Results Q:chi will track the impact of your campaign through consumer interactions with a product online. Transform the cost efficiency of your energy through the use of software with your needs at the helm. In order to evolve in your role, technical competency is a must.

Do you want to be at the forefront of your industry? By choosing software that allows you to learn you can progress at your own pace - but always in the right direction. Request a demo via the link at the top of the page to explore what Q:chi can do for you today!

Published: 15th February 2023

Last Edited: 17th January 2024

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