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Be connected with Channel Collaborators

For many organisations today’s dynamic business landscape is dependent on the instrumental role of channel partners. Companies faced with navigating complex distribution channels who are intent on expanding their market presence need logistical support.

Be connected with Channel Collaborators

Much like an ecosystem, the synthesis necessary for efficient product distribution relies on multiple contributors. Channel partners provide insight into the function of the local markets they work closely with. The intricacies of unique markets, and the relationship between marketer and customer thrive as a symbiotic relationship.

Channel partners are the sustainable connectors between businesses and their target markets.

Introducing our Partners Q:chi module: designed for managing your channel relationships and incentive programs. It integrates seamlessly with our Planning and Finance Q:chis which enable you to control your marketing budgets and our Workflow Q:chi supports automated workflows. You'll get centralised control and equal visibility for all your channel partner marketing campaigns, in one efficient place and enhanced data analysis which provides greater insight for you - and your partners.

Working with Partners Q:chi enables you to give channel partners valuable insight into the analytics of your campaigns' success. You can optimise mutual support and accountability through detailed MDF proof-of-performance tracking. This not only assists with accrual reporting, but allows you and your partners to learn from mistakes.

The deep industry knowledge of well integrated channel partners can be leveraged as a positive expansion of brand reputation, better equipping marketers to tailor specific solutions for individual markets.

Working closely with channel partners and managing them effectively is invaluable to a business's resonance with consumers. In a world dominated by technological advancement and communicative tools, Q:chi provides automation and efficiency.

The system also allows you to create and manage SPIFs for preferred channel partners with ease, through short term targets, alerts and reminders.

Partners Q:chi evolves your ability to oversee request and claim management, budget spend control and ensures visibility for proof of performance tracking. Vital data retention aligns sales objectives with overall company goals. By setting specific and achievable targets for your sales team you are driving market penetration. Through the integration of Q:chi, you are able to scale a globally functional business in one convenient hub. Providing consistency worldwide, ensuring your channel partners have a clear understanding of the expectations and rewards their progress cultivates.

To find out how Partners Q:chi can help you get the most from your channel partners, get in touch via the link above for a demo.

Published: 7th June 2023

Last Edited: 12th June 2023

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