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Meet the Team: Neil Addison, Company Director, Project Manager and more!

Neil is one of the directors of Q:chi but in reality he takes on a whole variety of roles! In this profile, we find out more about Neil's multifaceted role with the business and how he uses his experience to solve even the trickiest of client challenges.

Meet the Team: Neil Addison, Company Director, Project Manager and more!

Neil has many professional titles (some of them unofficial!) in his roles with Q:chi. Company Director/Project Manager/QA/Developer/Line Manager/Account Manager/Technical Contact/Stationery Monitor - all of the above made the list!

Neil joined the Q:chi team in December 2004 so he has truly grown with the company - and the company has grown with him.

As Company Director he works with his colleagues to make strategic decisions that provide the team with a vital framework and take the business forward. As Project Manager, he oversees client projects - but in reality his role in client relationships is far more hands on, supported by years of experience in helping clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals - that's where the other aspects of his role really come into their own, not least his experience as a developer, with in-depth knowledge of the Q:chi software.

Above all else Neil values a shared team ethos that prioritises a great relationship with clients. His commitment to Q:chi rests on the betterment of the company, product and client experience.

To Neil the right experience is key to all aspects of his - and other people's - roles. Neil feels the greatest strength of Q:chi the fundamental expertise of all its team members and the ability of the team to meet client goals.

Neil is married with two children and views his family as his greatest accomplishment - but is currently trying to get over the fact that his 13-year-old son is now the same height as him (6ft!) Using his height to his advantage, Neil once captained the U19 Scotland Basketball team and he still enjoys sports - watching both American and UK - and trying to play golf to a standard that isn't embarrassing.

Published: 3rd November 2022

Last Edited: 17th January 2024

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