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Meet the team: Greg Evans - Founder and CEO

Greg founded Q:chi more than 20 years ago and has served as CEO ever since, growing the team and developing lasting client relationships. In this profile, we learn more about what inspired Greg to start the business and how his unique blend of skills have helped nurture some enduring client partnerships.

Meet the team: Greg Evans - Founder and CEO

As a self-confessed 'software obsessive', it was almost inevitable that Greg would found a software company, and he established Q:chi more than 20 years ago. It has grown from there!

Greg leads the Q:chi team on two levels. From a strategic perspective, he works to coordinate the business resources and make sure the team is aligned behind shared goals. He then supports the team by ensuring they have what they need when they need it: the right tools, resources and support. He has worked hard to build a culture of open communication in the business, which has been enhanced by technology since the advent of mostly remote working.

He cites his professional values as honesty, willingness to learn from others, the ability to work collaboratively and the determination to carry forward an initiative. He prides himself on being able to think very three dimensionally - a skill that is applicable to many of the situations he encounters in his role - and an ability to combine attention to detail with seeing the big picture. Greg remains heavily involved with Q:chi's client relationships and uses these skills extensively to help clients achieve their goals. He loves problem solving too and finds great satisfaction in delivering bespoke projects for clients.

Greg's greatest professional achievement is having established a company in a fast-paced and rapidly changing global environment - a company that has longevity at the heart of it. Outside of work, his proudest achievement is raising four terrific children - and he sees parallels between building a family and building a business, as there's a familial element to Q:chi too. He has had a long term hobby of collecting music, and he also DJs in his spare time. He's interested in technology, politics, ecology, art, photography and design, fitness, exercise and wellbeing.

Greg would like Q:chi to be remembered for integrity, consistency, creativity, and a playful sense of humour.

Published: 19th August 2022

Last Edited: 18th January 2024

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